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How Many Superfruits Can Be Packed in One Smoothie Mix?

How Many Superfruits Can Be Packed in One Smoothie Mix?

A super fruit smoothie mix is one of the best possible ways to get a delicious and nutritious smoothie. Smoothie mixes are a cost effective way to get your daily smoothie fix, and offer convenience above and beyond making traditional smoothies at home. What are super fruits and why should you care about them? Understanding a little about this diverse range of fruit can help make it easy to increase your nutrient intake and can help lead to a healthier lifestyle. Like any health related product, it’s always best to read the label and understand what’s in the bottle before purchase. Once you’ve got the best smoothie concentrate for your unique needs, you may wish to get a little creative with it!



Super Fruits


You may have heard the term recently in articles and news clips and not really got the gist of what was happening. Some fruits have been deemed super fruits in that their nutritional value is much higher than that of other fruits. What makes a superfruit a super-fruit is its ability to absorb free radicals. Each super-fruit can be measured according to it’s ORAC level. ORAC stands for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity. The higher the ORAC value is, the more powerful the superfruit is in terms of antioxidants properties.  Some of the most popular super fruits include blueberries, acai berries, maqui berries, aronia berries, pomegranates, magnsoteen, and goji berries. Some of these fruits are harder to come by than others, but all can be found in the most sought after super fruits smoothie mix. It’s by far the easiest way to keep super fruits on hand, but be sure to check that label.





The only way to really evaluate your superfruit smoothie concentrate is to have a look at the label. There are plenty of new companies offering real fruit purees, but a quick look at their labels will tell you exactly why they should be avoided. If the first ingredient is anything other than fruit puree or juice, it might be best to start looking at another product. Extra point if the product is labeled with 100% juice / fruit statement. Avoid GMOs, added sugar, and additives only put in the bottle to prolong the shelf life rather than improve yours. If you aren’t sure about the label or have questions, it never hurts to contact the producer directly. Lastly, make sure that the first fruit ingredient in the product is the superfruit, and not filler juices like apple or pear. Often times companies will name a super-fruit smoothie mix product after the superfruit while in the bottle you’ll find very little of it.



Get Creative


Once you’ve got your super fruits smoothie mix, it might be time to do a little experimenting. Real fruit puree can be used to make juice from concentrate by adding a little water. It’s an incredible way to add a fruit flavor explosion to cheesecake and ice cream, create superfruit power bowls, and also a great way to take parfaits and yogurts to completely new levels. The best super fruits smoothie mix can even be used to create some truly impressive cocktails. Don’t limit yourself to smoothies when a bottle of smoothie mix can be used to create so much more!

There’s not much available that’s better than a super fruits smoothie. Unless you’re using a super fruits smoothie mix, they can be expensive to buy and hard to find ingredients for. When you’re looking around for the best smoothie mix, be sure to read the ingredients to get an idea of what’s in the bottle. If you aren’t sure, contacting the producer will certainly yield some results, and you might even end up with a few recipes to try out!

Tropical Mango Parfait

Tropical Mango Parfait
 Tropical Mango Parfait
Finish your day sweet! With this Smartfruit Mellow Mango smoothie mix infused with coconut yogurt, and layered with fresh fruit, and granola. Smartfruit Mellow Mango is boosted with Zinc and Vitamin C to help promote healthy digestion and support a balanced immune system. Smartfruit is a smoothie mix supplier that has no artificial flavors, no colors, synthetic preservatives, no added sugars, and is GMO free. This snack is perfect for that after dinner treat. Guilt free and 100% all natural this snack will have your taste buds jumping for joy whilst keeping your sugar cravings at bay. 
📝 Ingredients:
🍶 Preparation:
  1. Soak chia seeds overnight in coconut milk and Smartfruit Mellow Mango 
  2. Next add protein powder
  3. Mix coconut yogurt and Smartfruit Tropical harmony and add to container.
  4. Next add the fresh fruit and add granola Indulge!

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